What is the Najzamestnávateľ

Employees, have you found a company where your work is the fulfilment of your career ambitions? Employers, do you want to become the dream company sought after by Slovak employees? The Najzamestnávateľ survey is just for you.

The Najzamestnávateľ is a prestigious annual survey conducted by Profesia. The objective is to reflect the true perspectives of people in Slovakia as to how they perceive companies, their benefits and image. Simply, put the survey publishes a ranking of employers who are able to attract people in Slovakia through their fair treatment of employees and the environment they create for their people.

The survey uses public voting to allow respondents to place their votes online using a questionnaire available at www.najzamestnavatel.sk. They also provide reasons in the questionnaire to explain why the company they have chosen is considered the BEST. Are you interested in how many questionnaires have been completed since the survey was launched? Or how many companies have competed for the title of the BEST employer? Check out the infographic full of interesting figures.

The Najzamestnávateľ survey is an excellent opportunity for all companies in Slovakia. It provides publicity, increases a company’s renown and presents companies to the public in an interesting manner. Let Slovakia know how things work inside your company, how you care for your people and the areas in which you are engaged. Earn the public’s esteem and we will honour you with the prestigious Najzamestnávateľ title.

Transparent voting is a priority of the Najzamestnávateľ survey and only the public will decide on the winner. Voting is voluntary and anonymous. With what company have you had a good experience? Do you have a favourite company you’d like to work for? Or perhaps you already work for one? Don’t keep it all to yourself. Let others know what company in Slovakia is great to work for and why. Everyone who votes in the Najzamestnávateľ survey is automatically entered in a drawing for valuable prizes.


Detailed information and survey conditions can be found in the Methodology section.

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