Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What’s a survey Najzamestnavatel about?
The survey is a competition and a presentation of the attractiveness of employers. Its purpose is to identify companies for which tenderers want to work. It aims to measure the attractiveness of the brand, the working conditions and the entire selection process in companies and to provide them with information about their own employer branding activities.

Who can register for the survey?
Nobody. Since 2017, companies have been through a nomination system.

What is the deadline for nomination a company?
Nomination of companies for the Najzamestnávateľ 2019 survey is open until 31 December 2018.

What is the process for selecting companies for public voting?
In 2019, 20 companies in 10 categories, in total 200 companies that went through the nomination process, are included in the Najzamestnávateľ 2019 survey.

The nomination process consists of creating a shortlist in each category. The attractiveness of the employer is the result of the arithmetic average of the three parameters – views of job listing, the number of responses to job offers and the number of job offers on the portal. The nomination process takes into account the differences in company size and eliminates the differences based on the number of published job offers.

How is voting conducted?
The respondent will complete a voting questionnaire available at beginning on 15th of September 2019; the first step is to choose an economic industry. A list of companies (approximately 10) will then appear based on the chosen industry. Respondents then select the one they consider the most attractive. The next step is to choose one to three options from a list of 12 attributes that reflect what they value most about the company they chose. Each respondent can vote for just one company in every industry.

How is the survey scored?
Once the public voting phase is complete on by the end of year on Dec. 31.  Profesia analyst will score the results of the survey. The resulting rankings of companies and the winners will be determined by the number of votes the companies receive.

Can the company give up nominations?
Companies that are nominated in the relevant category can be removed from the rankings on the basis of their written request. In this case, the narrower list of twenty companies is added by another company in turn.

When and where will the results be announced?
The presentation of the survey’s results and award of the Najzamestnávateľ 2018 title will take place during January 2019. The results will be published at

What does a company receive for participating in the survey?
The winners of the Najzamestnávateľ  survey receive:

  • a winner’s plaque for the Najzamestnávateľ
  • the right to use banners and the logo of the Najzamestnávateľ for one year;
  • prizes from partners of survey


Can I register my favourite company for the survey?
No. Since 2017, it is not possible to enter companies into voting.

How can I vote?
Public voting begins on September 15th.  The voting questionnaire is available at First choose the industry in which the company operates. A list of companies (approximately 10) will then appear based on the chosen industry. Then select the one you consider the most attractive. The next step is to choose one to three options from a list of 12 attributes that reflect what you value most about the company you chose.

Can I vote multiple times?
No, they questionnaire is configured so that an individual respondent can only participate once. We monitor the questionnaire collection process in a continuous manner to eliminate any unauthorised votes.

What can I win?
You’ll be entered to win a number of great prizes once you have completed the questionnaire and entered an email address.

1. Weekend stay at hotel Pod Lipou**** in Modra (for two people, full board)
2. Asus Transformer PC Mini
3. Apple Watch Series 3
4. – 10. Books on development

Providing an email address is completely optional, meaning the drawing for the prizes is as well.

When will I learn about the results?
The drawing of winners from among the voters in the Najzamestnávateľ survey will take place during February.

The drawing will generate a random number based on a serial numbers of an individual questionnaire.

The winners will then be contacted using the email address provided in the questionnaire and published at


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