Methodology of the Najzamestnávateľ survey

We are driven to continue the tradition of this survey which reflects the attractiveness of employers on the Slovak market; this means that transparent conditions and a clear methodology are critical priorities for us.

Registering a company

In 2019, 20 companies in 10 categories, in total 200 companies that went through the nomination process, are included in the Najzamestnávateľ 2019 survey.

The nomination process consists of creating a shortlist in each category. The attractiveness of the employer is the result of the arithmetic average of the three parameters – views of job listing, the number of responses to job offers and the number of job offers on the portal. The nomination process takes into account the differences in company size and eliminates the differences based on the number of published job offers.

Companies that are nominated in the relevant category can be removed from the rankings on the basis of their written request.

Companies that have been nominated should have their profile updated at www.najzamestná in the corresponding category. All nominees will be informed and contacted by e-mail during September 2019 about their shortlist nomination.

Start of public voting

After the end of the nomination process, a public vote of Najzamestnávateľ will be launched on 15th September 2018. Respondents will pass their votes through the voting form at

The respondent will have the ability to select a company by the individual industry in which the company is active. After choosing an industry, the survey respondent will have a list of companies  for which they can vote. In the next step, the respondent will select a reason for voting for the given company. The questionnaire contains 12 attributes where the respondent can select any from one to three options.

The collection of statistical data about the respondent follows in the next step, specifically gender, age, highest level of completed education, region and economic status of the respondent.

If the respondent is interested in the prizes that are offered, he or she must provide an email address and consent to the processing of their personal data for statistical purposes for a period of three years. The questionnaire is systematically set up so that every respondent can vote for just one company in every industry. The completed questionnaires will be forwarded for scoring.

Scoring and the results of the survey

After the public voting phase is completed on December 31th 20189, the analysts at Profesia spol. s r. o. will evaluate the score of the survey. Questionnaires containing the name of a selected company, the reason for its selection and the statistical data of the respondent will be included in the scoring process.

Company resulting will be determined based on the number of votes the companies receive from the public in completed questionnaires, both overall and in terms of individual rankings for the individual industries. The smaller number of incomplete questionnaires for the specific company will be used as a tie-break if two companies have the same number of votes.

The organizer of survey will publish only the ranking of the first three places in each category. Winning companies will be awarded the Most Attractive Employer award. Total ranking is not voted.

The presentation of the survey’s results and award of the Najzamestnávateľ 2019 title will take place during January 2020.


The winners of the Najzamestnávateľ 2019 survey receive:

  • a winner’s plaque for the Najzamestnávateľ 2019
  • the right to use banners and the logo of the Najzamestnávateľ 2019
  • valuable prices from partner of survey


Marketing support for voting 

Companies have the opportunity to use all available marketing tools to promote their brand in the survey. Voting is also open for internal employees of companies. However, if it is considered as a feedback for companies about which of their communication tools for their own branding works, we do not recommend this tool.


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